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Many!  We offer special discounts, and sometimes even freebies to our loyal followers.  They are also the first to have access to new products - giving them the chance to use it before anyone else.  

Simply said, miBrite is quite different than any other teeth whitening system on the market. Only the miBrite teeth whitening system is packaged in a unique dual-barrel syringe, similar to what dentists use, to deliver maximum whitening using the power of patented ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) technology. ACP technology was initially developed by the American Dental Association and the literature shows that only ACP technology can cause better more rapid penetration, better luster and gloss, longer lasting results, prevention of cavities and longer-lasting results. 
Moreover, only miBrite is supplied with the best custom-tray on the market, allowing for less waste, more comfort, and better placement if the whitening gel. 

Our unique miBrite ACP technology™ eases sensitivity, maintains luster and whiteness, and helps prevent cavities. In particular, our patented miBrite® ACP Calcium Phosphate technology delivers critical teeth enamel minerals that naturally bond with the tooth surface to increase overall enamel smoothness and gloss, and also helps reduce whitening fade-back. Its rapid absorption into the teeth also functions to reduce transient teeth sensitivity during and after treatment. All of this is quite different from any other at-home teeth whitening system.

Yes!  The benefits of ACP technology are clinically proven, as shown in the clinical study available here and here.

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