luminite Advanced Peroxide Pen

  • Enjoy your brightest and whitest smile yet with just a click of our upgraded hydrogen peroxide whitening pen with miBrite® luminite. This portable whitening pen gives you quick, easy, and mess-free results with no trays, strips or rinsing! See the powerful results of our maximum strength gel by simply using the brush applicator 2-4 times a day.

    Whitening formula designed with sensitive teeth in mind.

    Minty flavor for added freshness.

    Teeth whitening gel instantly removes surface stains (coffee, tea, tobacco, etc.)

    Whiten your teeth and freshen your breath all at the same time in only 20 seconds.

    Can be used as for stand-alone whitening or for touch-ups in between whitening sessions!

    Brighter and Whiter Smile!

    No harmful chemicals (ZERO SENSITIVITY).

    EGO BOOST!… from your super white teeth!

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