New ilustra plus Dueling Teeth Whitening Gels Announced Today

3 min read

miBrite announces a new paradigm-shifting reformulation for its take-home tooth whitening products ilustra plus and luminite teeth whitening pens. The new ilustraplus formulation is the first teeth whitening product to combine the two most effective whitening agents, Hydrogen Peroxide and Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (better known as PAP), with a dual-barrel syringe. When the two gels combine, the whitening results are out of this world with no tooth sensitivity.

Revolutionary New Teeth Whitening, miBrite ClearPaste

2 min read

Oral Care R&D powerhouse miBrite, announced the launch of its new tooth whitening product, miBrite ClearPaste. Developed by the world's top oral care product researcher and formulator, Dr. Martin Giniger, Ph.D., DMD, miBrite ClearPaste is the latest advancement in tooth whitening technology.

miBrite Event with Touch of Modern Begins Today

1 min read

We're happy to announce our second collaboration with Touch of Modern.  Our previous event was a huge success, and we're pleased to support them again.

In case you haven't heard of Touch of Modern, they are the experts in products of quality, beauty, and value.  Based in San Francisco, they help people all over the United States & Canada find exclusive deals on sleek products.



Florida Based Teeth Whitening Giant Acquired by Oral Care R&D Firm Smash Labs, LLC

1 min read

Florida Based Teeth Whitening Giant Acquired by Oral Care R&D Firm Smash Labs, LLC

BOCA RATON, FL - September 10, 2020 – Smash Labs, LLC announced that it had acquired miBrite, an established oral care giant that manufactures products such as ilustra plus home teeth whitening, luminite tooth whitening pen, and nanowhite toothpaste. The purchase will allow oral care research development firm Smash Labs to launch its new oral care formulations under the miBrite Teeth Whitening brand.

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