December 03, 2020 3 min read

Today, we can finally reveal the latest innovations we've been working on for several years! Our scientists have been secretly working on reinventing the home teeth whitening market, and after today whitenings will never be the same - in the office or at home.

ilustra plus Dueling Teeth Whitening Gels

ilustra plus has been miBrite's long time whitening kit for home use. We're upgrading everything about it today with the launch of ilustra plus Dueling Whitening Gels.

The concept is simple - if one whitening gel works well, two will perform better and faster. Most whitening products on the market come in a single syringe - this means an incredibly stable product with one whitening agent.

ilustra plus used a different technology. It has always used a dual-barrel syringe: the whitening agent is kept stable in one chamber, and at the last second adjusted to a more active state by an activator in the second chamber.

In ilustra plus Dueling Teeth Whitening Gels, both chambers hold a powerful whitening ingredient and activate each other even further at the last second. This incredible breakthrough in formulation and delivery provides twice the results in half the time.

Peroxide & PAP Together

One chamber contains hydrogen peroxide, while the other contains PAP.  PAP is the breakthrough technology from Europe which whitens without peroxide - and in some cases even better.

The third ingredient, hydroxyapatite, acts as a conditioner to your enamel - building a protective layer of calcium to shield against sensitivity.


Dr. Martin Giniger explains, "miBrite's reformulated ilustra plus dueling teeth whitening technology will undoubtedly disrupt the entire teeth whitening industry, for the first time we have a single teeth whitening treatment that uses a dual-barrel syringe to combine the two most effective teeth whitening agents - peroxide, and PAP together - along with remineralizing teeth at the same time with hydroxyapatite."  

Dr. Giniger continues, "Our testing has shown that not only does ilustra plus work twice as fast with twice the some of the best results I have seen. What's more, there has been almost no reported sensitivity during or after the whitening treatment. I have never seen a teeth whitening product work this well in all my years developing teeth whitening products."



The Gels

Hydrogen peroxide is the professional choice as a teeth whitening agent for decades. The way hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth is by the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) breaking down water (H2O) and releasing an oxygen-free radical that changes the optical properties of tooth stain, changing it from having color to transparent. This reaction with hydrogen peroxide is commonly demonstrated with hair bleach products.

Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid, or PAP, is a new teeth whitening ingredient formulated as an effective alternative to hydrogen peroxide. While the ingredient is very effective for whitening teeth, it is also a challenging ingredient to integrate into products because of its dynamic nature. The miBrite research and development team has spent years unlocking PAP's full potential, eventually creating a very carefully stabilized active formulation.


Sensitivity Erased

miBrite ilustra plus doesn't stop at just combining the two effective whitening ingredients; we formulated the gels to be near sensitivity-free with the natural enamel fortifying and remineralization ingredient, hydroxyapatite.


Magic Tray

Magic Tray

Our experts know that the gels can only whiten if they come in contact with the teeth. Dentists have long offered custom trays - plastic retainers molded perfectly to the shape of your teeth. These are ideal because they hold the gel directly on the tooth. 

Every ilustra plus Dueling Teeth Whitening Gels Home Kit comes with our Magic Tray. It's a special tray that you push to instantly and cleanly mold to your teeth' unique shape.

Using the Magic Tray, you'll be able to ensure the Dueling Gels are held snug to your teeth - meaning an experience virtually identical to the ones you'd receive from the dentist.



That's a lot of info!  We're very excited and are anxious for you to try it.


Check it out today, just in time for the holidays!


miBrite Teeth Whitening

miBrite Teeth Whitening
miBrite Teeth Whitening

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